9 Amazing Ways to Style Your Headscarf

9 Amazing Ways to Style Your Headscarf

You know the old saying, "When in Rome…"? It holds true even when you're traveling in your own country. Or city. Or neighborhood. Or a friend group. Or family.

There are plenty of ways to wear a scarf in your hair, but the best way (in our opinion) is to incorporate it into some sort of a headband. It's a throwback fashion moment that's a little bit on-trend, and it shows off your culture at the same time.

So, how do you do that? One way is to wear it as an accessory to a simple high ponytail or messy bun. For an easy style like this, just put the scarf in a high ponytail and secure it in a bow. No bobby pins required!

You can also braid the scarf into your hair—this is called an entrelac braid. This method takes some practice, but the results are worth it! For this look, use two scarves and separate them so they have their own sections. To get started, take one scarf and flip it over so the ends are facing you. Then grab the other scarf and pair up the ends with the scarf you flipped over. Then, begin braiding like normal!

There's certainly no right and wrong way to wear a headscarf in your hair. It's all about how it looks on you, how comfortable you feel wearing it, and if you like it or not. Wear it because you love it and the other reasons be damned.

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